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Sweetwell farm is a stud and commercial piggery. All farming practices are implemented on the highest standards of genetic improvements and the welfare of the animals is constantly monitored.

The feed is mainly grain based and all rations are complied by an animal food specialist. No hormones are added to the feed. On the stud side animals used in the herd are chosen on their genetic improvement that will benefit the complete herd as a whole. As with all pedigree animals great pride is taken in these superior animals.

Students who are studying careers in the veterinary world normally do their practical’s here and Stellenbosch University Food Scientists students also come to Sweetwell. Pigs are also sold to other pig farmers being either stud or commercial.

A strict code of ethics as laid out by the South African Pork Producers Association is implemented to ensure that the physical and mental health of the animals is adhered to.

To protect the health of the animals Bio-Security measures are in place.

Sweetwell Farm is a member of Alliance Genetics. Alliance Genetics consists of 7 Pig Breeders of which Sweetwell is one. All members work towards:
A solid genetic base of approximately 2000 purebred females
A national BLUP, monthly EBV runs & detailed genetic evaluations
Focused genetic improvement, accelerated by AI importations of the best available genes from abroad
Close collaborations with scientists & geneticists across a wide spectrum
Sophisticated pig information system – Logix pigs
Modern, state of the art herd computer programme – Pig Pro Windows
International collaboration with
: Alliance Genetics Canada
: University of Guelph
: GLI, Mariensee, Germany
Our involvement in post graduate studies in pig breeding