Sweetwell Miniature Long Haired Daschunds are the beauties of the farm.

These award winning, beautifully groomed little dogs have won numerous prestiges awards on the Dog Showing circuit. Many of them are imported from a world famous kennel in the United Kingdom. Puppies are only occasionally available to very selected buyers, who most of have waited for a long time for their prospective pup.

As with the pigs, genetic improvement is of top priority, and pups are only bred with this focus in mind. The Daschunds are very much part of the Cronje families home. Not only are they extremely decorative but they are a good alarm system.

2012 was an extremely good year for the show dogs of Sweetwell with Champion Ralines Royal Commission of Sweetwell (Rhydian) gathering enough points through the year to qualify for Western Cape Dog. At this glittering event he was awarded the title of Western Cape Top Hound and Reserve Top Dog Western Cape. Not only has he done extremely well in the show ring but he has now produced two pups who are just starting their show careers. Rhydian has now joined the ranks of honour with Ch Ralines Back to Basics (Robin) on Sweetwell.

2014 started well for the Show dogs of Sweetwell, with Jet (Ralines Lone Ranger of Sweetwell) winning his final points to become a Champion. He will be campaigned extensively this year and hopefully will sire a litter of puppies in the near future.

2015 was a rather uneventful year for Sweetwell Mini Long Haired Daschunds.  However CH Ralines Royal Commission (Rhydian) once again featured well.  Even though he attended very few shows this year, he managed to be placed 4th best Mini Long in South Africa.  This year 2016 he will be show as a veteran and hopefully he can manage top placings in this disipline.  Sweetwell Pure Platinum (Blanche) will hopefully be having pups sired by Sweetwell CH Petals Promise to Liebestraum by end February.  Sweetwell African Dawn (Blake) will also be shown extensively this year.

In April this year my show team and I travelled to PE, and competed in 4 shows in 3 days !!!.  At these shows Rhydian and Blake took top honours in their breed.  These two boys never fail to impress.

Sweetwell Pure Platinum (Blanche) gave birth to a beautiful little girl Sweetwell Royal Riot (Daphne).  Her sire as mentioned previously is Sweetwell CH Petals Promise to Liebestraum, and in a few months Ralines Royal Rogue will be traveling back to South Africa with me and will join the Sweetwell Show team.