Scrambled Eggs
toast butter & preserve R55

Scrambled Eggs
with truffle oil & parmesan, toast, butter & preserves
with zucchini & onion, toast, butter & preserves R70

Sweetwell Farm Breakfast
Streaky bacon, pork chipolatas, tomatoes, mushrooms
eggs, toast butter & preserves R95

Eggs Benedict
English muffin, smoked cured ham, hollandaise sauce,
poached eggs, baby spinach & confit tomatoes R92

Deep Fried Eggs
with wild mushrooms & rye French toast R92

Stuffed croissant
Toasted croissant, salmon gravlax, confit tomatoes,
avocado, rocet & fennel cream R105

French toast croissant
bacon, brie, berry compote & roasted flaked almonds R90

add cheese & preserves R45

Salt & Pepper panko crusted baby squid served with
nuoc cham & aioli. R90

Beetroot risotto
served with goats cheese & green oil R75

Barrel oak smoked eisbein & chicken terrine served
with pickled shitake mushrooms & gooseberry compote R95

Smoked tomato & butternut soup served with pulled pork
& eisbein bitterballen R85

baby veg 50
tempura veg 30
rustic fries 30
pomme puree 30

LUNCH Open Artisan breads
ciabatta, wholewheat, seedloaf

chilled beef fillet, caraelised onion, cucumber & tomato
salad, poached duck egg & béarnaise 105

panko crusted baby squid, cucumber & tomato salad
chiffonade spinach & smoked paprika mayo 105

pulled pork belly, tomato & cucumber salad, onion
marmalade, brie cheese & aioli 105

salmon gravlax, fennel cream cheese, tomato & cucumber
salad & avo 105


wild mushroom gnocchi served with parmesan & bacon crisp 150

Norwegian salmon served with sautéed baby veg, pok choi
& quail eggs 220

honey & soy slow braised pork belly served with smoked
sweet potato & caramelised red onion puree, confit tomatoes,
miso aioli, glazed baby carrots & red wine jus. 180

Bredasdorp free range beef fillet served with pomme puree,
smoked tomto chutney, bone marrow crumble, sautéed baby leeks
& red wine jus. 250

Our beverage list is large. Most of the wines are from farms in the area.
Our MCC are also from this area. We have a large selection of Craft Teas, authentic sodas, beers and beers on tap. Our kombucha are extrememly popular.