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Sweetwell All Day Breakfast (except Sat & Sun stops at 11h00)Sweetwell (6) (1024x682)

“Eat Today because tomorrow is Still Far”

  • Sweetwell Pride – Sweetwell Bacon, Free Range Eggs, Creamy style Mushrooms, Balsamic garlic and Herb roasted baby tomatoes, Grilled Banger or Boerewors topped with mozzarella Shavings dressed with Toast – R89
  • Corn Fritters topped with Crème Fraiche, Crispy Sweetwell Bacon, Guacamole, Roasted romenita tomatoes, Mozzarella shavings served with Crèamy Scrambled eggs and Rocket – R82
  • Rosti Stack – with Crispy potato rosti topped with Creamy mushrooms, Grilled Sweetwell Bacon, Mozzarella Shavings, roasted baby tomatoes and a free range egg dressed with fresh rocket – R79
  • Fruhstuck – Grilled Sweetwell Franks served with Creamed Mushrooms, Roasted garlic balsamic baby tomatoes, Free Range eggs and Toast, Topped with Fresh Rocket accompanied by Sundried Tomato mustard – R88
  • Benedict a la Awesome – Poached Eggs served on your bread of Choice topped with mozzarella shavings, grilled ham, roasted balsamic baby tomatoes , fresh rocket , crème fraiche accompanied by Fresh hollandaise – R79 (add 80g Smoked Alaskan Salmon R45)
  • Sweetwell Mini – Grilled Bacon, Roasted baby tomatoes, Free Range Eggs and Toast served with herbed crème Fraiche and Fresh rocket – R48 
  • Sweetwell omelette stuffed with Rocket, Cheddar and Grilled Bacon dressed with baby tomatoes and toast topped with fresh rocket – R78
  • Breakfast Belly  – Slow Roasted Pork Belly sered wih reamed Mushroom, Bacon & Eggs topped with Fresh Rocket & Roasted Romentica Tomatoes  R155
  • Waffle Breakfast – Grilled Waffle topped with tomatoes, Grilled bacon, Cheddar shavings, Free Range egg and Fresh Rocket Dressed with Honey and Crème Fraiche – R79
  • Farm Bread French toast topped with Sweetwell Bacon & romenita tomatoes topped with Cheddar shavings and Honey mustard dressing covered with Fresh Rocket R77.00
  • Scotch Eggs Sweetwell Style – Boiled Eggs wrapped in Sweetwell Pork Mince & cheese covered in crispy beer batter served on a bed of creamed mushrooms topped with rocket and Sweet Mustard   R87.00
  • The Bacon Wrapper  – Fresh Bread topped with Creme Fraiche, Cheese, Herbs – wrapped in Streaky Bacon then grilled in butter served with a Egg topped with Fresh Rocket & Honey Mustard Mayo Aiol  –  R89



 “Never wrestle with pigs. You both get dirty and the pig likes it.”



Chefs Specials @ SweetwellSweetwell (22) (682x1024)

Welcome to a Wonderfull World Of Pork!!!

  • Slow Roasted Pork belly Served on a bed of Crispy Baby potatoes And pesto veggies dressed with mozzarella shavings and fresh rocket drizzled with sweet mustard sauce – R157
  • The Cockerel – Garlic Soy & olive oil marinated Chicken Burger served on a garlic and cheese grilled waffle topped with creamy Jalapeno & Blue Cheese sauce accompanied by green figs served with crispy new potatoes & awesome onion rings R115
  • Slow Braised whole Pork Eisbein served with Crispy new Potatoes served on a Bed Of Grilled Veggies topped with Sweet Mustard Sauce and Fresh Herbs – R149.00
  • Slow Roasted Pork Neck Thai Red Curry Served with Butter Fried Basmati, Gilled Veggies topped with Pitted Lychees & Grilled Flat Bread Dressed with Fresh Herbs – R145
  • Pork Sandwich – open Sandwich topped with Roasted Balsamic Tomatoes, Pork Tenderloin, grilled Gypsy ham, And Crispy Bacon, Dressed with Fresh Rocket and Cheese – R97.00
  • Porking big Burger served on a Grilled Waffle, Cheddar Shavings and Honey Glazed Bacon accompanied By crispy baby potatoes and A Wild Rocket Salad – R115
  • Sweetwell banger meatballs served on garlic, butter and cream jaket baby potatoe mash dressed with roasted romenita tomatoes and fresh herbs served with mustard sauce and crazy jus   R92.00
  • Crispy Beer Battered Baby Hake served with crispy baby Potatoes, Grilled Lemon & Awesome side Salad with Creme Fraiche   R89
  • Grilled Sweetwell Pork Loin Chops drenched in Drunken Pork Sauce with Black Sesame Seeds & Grilled baby Potatoes & Bacon Salad with Garlic Butter & Feta Crumbs dressed with crispy battered onion rings  R132




“Low Carb Is Lekker” @ SweetwellSweetwell (28) (706x1024)

Once you Go Pork you Can’t go Back

  • Breakfast Pizza With a Cream Cheese and Egg Base topped with Green Sweetwell Bacon and Mushrooms Dressed With Mustard and a dash Of Coconut Oil and Avo – R110 (Real LCHF Pizza Base Add R35) 
  • Breakfast Egg Wrap filled with Sweetwell Boerewors, Cheddar and Roasted Romenita Tomatoes topped with Crispy Green Bacon Grilled in Duck Fat – R85
  • Pickled Slow Roasted Whole Pork eisbein Served with Avo halve, Filled with Herbed crème Fraiche dressed with Sweetwell Bacon and Eggs topped with Fresh Rocket- R149
  • Slow Roasted Belly Served on a Bed of Coconut infused Vegetables dressed with Mustard sauce topped with Fresh avo and Fresh Herbs – R157.00.
  • Low carb brekkie – 3 free range eggs, 3 rashers Sweetwell Bacon, roasted romentia tomatoes and a Sweetwell Pork Patty  R89.00
  • Baby Hake gently fried in coconut oil served with green salad & fried lemon topped with coconut and cucumber shavings   R85.00
  • Sweetwell Pork Burger grilled in coconut oil served on a b bed of creamy mushrooms topped with green bacon, guacamole & brie cheese with fresh rocket  R110.00
  • LCHF Alfredo “Baby Marrow Spaghetti” with grilled chicken, Sweetwell bacon, Sweetwell Ham and baby tomatoes, creamy cheese sauce topped with fresh roket & mozzarella shavings  R89.
  • Grilled eggplant stack with herbed creme fraiche, Sweetwell bacon, cheese and creamy mushroom sauce dressed with grilled tomatoes & fresh rocket   R79.00
  • Low Carb Butter grilled bagel topped with Sweetwell Bacon, cheese, Roasted Baby Romentica  tomatoes, fresh Rocket & pulled slow roasted Sweetwell eisbein  – R89
  • Benedict LCHF Style served on a grilled Baby Marrow Rosti accompanied by Hollandaise Mozzarella & Grilled Sweetwell Ham dressed with roasted baby Tomatoes made with Balsamic, Xylitol & Garlic  –  R79






Sweetwell Tapas

“Pigs might make great pets, but they make better breakfast. I’ll take one big snuggle, with a side of scrambled eggs.”

  • Tunisian Pork – Pork Tenderloin Medallions Wrapped in Bacon served on a herbed crouton dressed with Creamy Mushroom Sauce topped with Fresh herbs – R78
  • Pulled Sweetwell Pork salad with Iceberg lettuce, romenita tomatoes, avo slices, cubed mixed pepper citrus salsa, thinly sliced onions, pecorino shavings dressed with drunken Pork sauce topped with back sesame seeds  R98.
  • Awesome salad with crispy garden greens, olives, Sweetwell Pork rackling, mixed sprouts, boiled egg, roasted baby tomatoes, apple, cucumber shavings, feta cheese, cheddar cubes & fresh rocket  R85Pork Nicoise – Gr
  • Pork Nicoise – Grilled Pest Veggies served on a bed of greens topped with Sesame Seared Sweetwell Pork Fillet & a soft poached egg dressed with Sweet Mustard Dressing  R98
  • Grilled baby hake fillet topped with citrus salsa, herbed creme fraiche & fresh herbs served with grilled lemon R50
  • 3 petit Sweetwell Burgers Served on Crispy Waffle quarters topped with Mozzarella and Fresh Rocket – R78
  • Crushed Baby Spuds Topped With Crème Fraiche, Bacon, Spicy Avo Pulp topped with Cheese and Fresh Rocket Drizzled With Treacle Sauce – R55 
  • Cuban Balls !!!! fresh bread dough deep fried, drenched in garlic & butter tossed in secret spices topped with fresh rocket served with a special dipping sauce  R35
  • Slow roasted Sweetwell American ribs in sticky treacle sauce dressed with black sesame seeds  R75
  • Sweetwell Pork tenderloin wrapped in crispy beer batter drenched in drunken pork sauce topped with rocket & herbed creme fraiche  R75
  • Sweetwell Pork poppers – 3 jalapenos stuffed with Sweet chilli bacon & cheese wrapped in beer batter  R50
  • Plate of Crispy Beer battered Onion Rings with Awesome dip & Fresh Rocket  R35
  • Baby potato salad Garlic & Butte grilled baby potatoes with crispy bacon bits, Feta Cheese, Fresh Rocket, bits of crackling & mixed herbs served warm  R74
  • Chicken & Bacon Salad. – fresh Lettuce, Bacon Bits, Roasted romentita Tomatoes, grated Pecorino & Garlic toasted Farm Bread strips topped with Rocket & Awesome dressing  –  R89




Flatbreads / Pizza @ Sweetwell

“I never met a Pizza Like You Before”

  • All Sweetwell Sausage Flatty.. Cheese Grillers, Boerewors, Franks, Banger, Chorizo, Brutwurst, topped with mozzarella, Sweet Mustard Sauce and Fresh Rocket – just Awesome – R138
  • Flatbread Topped with herbed Crème Fraiche, Crispy Sweetwell Bacon, Cheddar and Mozzarella Shavings, Roasted Romenita tomatoes , and Spicy guacamole topped with Fresh Rocket – R110
  • Breakfast Flatbread with Creamy Mushrooms, bacon, Eggs, Mozzarella roasted baby tomatoes and Fresh Herbs – R110
  • The Ham – Flatbread topped with Crème Fraiche , Gypsy ham, Boeren ham, Picnic Ham, Pepper Ham, and Some Bacon with mozzarella and Cheddar topped with a sweet mayo and Herbs – R118
  • Ankles – Pulled eisbein with Lots of Cheese, Roasted Tomatoes, rocket, Balsamic Roasted tomatoes, Drunken Pork Sauce and Crispy bacon Bits – R145
  • The anti-meat – Grilled Veggies topped with Cheese and Basil pesto and Creamy mushrooms dressed with Rocket and Halloumi cheese – R105
  • Colossal Porker (Huge) – Bacon, Ham, Meaballs, Jalapenos, Belly, Franks, Mozzarella, Feta. Cheddar, Garlic, Sweet Chilli Cream Cheese Base topped with Fresh Rocket  R179
  • Sweetwell Regina – Flatbread topped with mushrooms, hams, bacon & tomatoes   R118
  • Taps Flatty – Fresh Grilled Flatbread topped with Mozzarella Cheddar & Feta dressd with garlic & herb butter opped with Fresh Rocket  –  R65


Kiddies @ SweetwellSweetwell (11) (1024x682)

Welcome to a Wonderfull World Of Pork!!!

  • Ice Cream with sweets and chocolate sauce  R45
  • Happy Franks served with Crispy baby potatoes & awesome Mustard Mayo Dip  R48
  • Mini Pizza Flatbread style topped with Mozzarella and Cheddar dressed with baby tomatoes and Sweetwell Ham – R60
  • Good Old bacon and Cheese open Sarmie – R45
  • Petit porking Burger Served with Crushed baby potatoes – R55
  • Grilled Waffle topped with Vanilla Ice Cream and Hot Italian Chocolate Sauce – R45 
  • Russian Corndogs on a skewer with Mary Rose Sauce and Some Herbs – R48 
  • Battered Chicken Strips with Cheese Sauce and Baby potatoes – R58
  • Mini Fried Hake & Crispy baby Potatoes  –  R50


For Dessert we have a selection of Chef Hennie’s speciality cakes or Iné Reynierse’ Low Carb sweetness

Sweetwell (37) (1024x682)





Fresh Buttered Grilled Bread (Rye, White, Seed, Grilled Flatbread)  R5

Waffle Plain  R10

One Egg (poached, scrambled, fried, boiled)  R6

One Potato Rosti   R12

Sausage – Boerewors, Banger, Cheese Griller, Frank, Bratwurst, Russian   R20

Sweetwell Patty    R45

Creamy Style Mushrooms  R21

Sweetwell Bacon  R22

One Corn Fritter   R15

Roasted Romentica   R10

Smoked Alaskan Salmon  R45

One Slice French Toast  R15

One Garlic Soy & Olive Chicken Breast   R30

Quacamole   R15

Crushed Baby Potatoes   R15

Herbed Creme Fraiche   R15

Hollandaise, Drunken Pork, Treacle, Sweet Mustard Sauce   R15

Cheese Mozzarella or Cheddar   R12

Pork Chop   R50

Side Salad   R18

Crispy Beer Battered Onion Rings   R15

Ham   R15

Roast Veggies with Pesto & Mozzarella   R17

Pork Popper each   R14

SWEETWELL BLEND Roasted Coffee 250g   R60